Who I Am As A Designer

My Style of Design

my style of design
Simple, elegant and feminine design

My name is Melissa Guerrera and I am graduating from the Graphic and Web Design program at John Abbott College. These past three years I’ve learned many different skills that have helped me grow and learn as a designer. I would say that after three years, I know what my style is. However, I know that as time goes on it can be improved and new skills can be added to what I already know. As of now I would say that my style of design is simple, elegant and feminine because i tend to use pastel colors when creating my designs. In terms of layout my designs tend to be very simple but effective because of how I incorporate my colors and typography.

Furthermore, I would say that I’m still learning and adapting to my creative side of designing projects. I tend to constraint myself from exploring my creativity. I have difficulty going beyond what I already know. The idea of doing something I’ve never done before scares me yet it also excites me. I am open and willing to explore my creativity more and see what my style can become outside the box of constraint.

Promoting Myself

Online portfolio to promote myself

I am a meticulous and organized designer who’s always willing to improve upon my skills. I’m always willing to learn new skills/methods. If you’re interested in learning more about me and what my style consists of then I invite you to visit my online portfolio.

However, if you prefer you can come visit me in person at my upcoming Vernissage event. It’s being held at Joh Abbott College on April 4th from 5pm-7pm. Please feel free to contact me through my online contact form if you any questions. I will get back to you as soon as possible.