My Ideal Creative Jobs


Ideal creative that I would want to do being a photographer.

After university I would like to have my own photography agency. I would specialize in taking and editing photos for people. Photography was for me because of the creativeness it allows. I did not know what I wanted to do 5-10 years from now. However, once I was introduced to the technical side, being a photographer was something in my future. I wanted to make people happy and with photos it can ignite a joy in people. This is what makes this industry so exciting.

Furthermore, I love how with photography you are able to capture life’s moments. Also, you can turn them into a forever souvenir for people. Moreover, I want to harness the skills I am good at and turn them into a job of passion. Overall, I love photography because of how expressive it is. Also, how you can truly see an artist’s work through their eyes.

Printing Industry

Ideal creative work that I would want to do in the printing industry.

In addition, apart from being a photographer, another ideal job of mine would be to work in the printing industry. In these past three years doing both print and web, I’ve realized that I have a passion for printing. I find it fascinating on how the printing industry works and how it’s able to produce great quality prints. Printing is a very big industry. My focus is more on packaging and illustration because of how much creativity lies within these areas.

I love how these areas within the industry allow for originality. At the same time forces you to be cautious about how the artwork will look printed. It’s an industry that allows me to always improve upon my skills and continue to better myself as a designer. Overall, I enjoy packaging and illustration because of how skilled and creative I am in both areas.