My Graphic Design Future

my future school as graphic designer
My Graphic Design Future

Concordia University

After graduation I plan to attend Concordia University in the Design program. In this program, I will be able to obtain my BFA (of Fine Arts) and then pursue a MDES. This program will further develop my skills and guide me on whether my interests lie more in design or web.

Furthermore, the great thing about this program is that I will be able to broaden my perspective on how design is seen because we will be participating in group projects with fashion designers, object designers and interior designers. This collaboration helps to further advance my skills and learn new ways to approach the meaning of design.

In addition, this program really speaks to me because it’s a more advanced and modern take on what design is and I like how the program offers a master’s degree to further develop my skills. Overall, the great thing about this program is that by the time I go into the workforce I will have advanced skills beyond what I’ve learned from college.

Plans for employment

I will be looking for a part-time summer job in my field to gain more experience in the workforce and to continue improving my skills. I will be staying in Montreal to continue my studies but partake in summer jobs to help me become the best graphic designer possible.

As of right now my focus is my studies however, that does not mean that I will not be open to gaining more experience in the summer. Also, my goal is to mainly gain and improve my skills as a designer. I am willing to learn new skills and interpretations on what design is. This would allow for me to improve upon my style of work and further develop it into something unique and original.